India And World Geography By Majid Hussain English Medium

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Published first in 2011, the book is written mainly for candidates preparing for Civil Services and State Services Examination. With the ever changing landscapes and dynamism in the world, the book provides an insight on updated “Physical, Social, and Economic Geography” of India and the World. The book has been cautiously
revised to bridge the gap between static and current content.

• Comprehensive facts and texts converted into tabular forms for a quick revision of the topics; comparative tables are the key features of this edition
• Coverage on COVID-19, Locust Invasion, Vizag Gas Leak, Amphan Cyclone and CAA & NRC
• Updated theories about the earth’s origin, statistics on solar system and GPS strengthens the first chapter
• Content of the topics India – General Land Use, Wastelands and Degraded Lands, Agricultural Policy, Land Reforms, Innovations in Agriculture, and Production Share of Various Horticulture Crops in India has been updated. New content for Government Schemes in Agriculture has been added
• Government Schemes on SC/ST/OBC have been included
• Improvement of the maps have been done throughout the book
Interdisciplinary Approach – Correlated topics to make a network and connect with different items