• Bharat Evam Vishwa ka Bhugol by Majid Husain

    मुख्य विशेषताएं:

    स्पष्ट और सरल शैली में लिखित, पूरी किताब में स्पष्टता, आकर्षकता और संक्षिप्तता के सिद्धांत

    नवीनतम समकालीन विषयों का विशेष विश्लेषण – कोरोना वायरस, नागरिकता संशोधन कानून (caa), राष्ट्रीय नागरिकता रजिस्टर (nrc), अम्फान चक्रवात, जम्मू और कश्मीर और लद्दाख, विशाखापट्टनम गैस रिसाव, भारत में टिड्डीदल आक्रमण आदि

    पृथ्वी की उत्पत्ति के बारे में अद्यतन सिद्धांत और सौर मंडल पर आंकड़े

    वैश्वीकरण, भारत में भूमि सुधार, वाटरशेड प्रबंधन, भारतीय कृषि, कृषि प्रथाओं, फसलों के भूगोल, फसलों के आवर्तन और भारत में कृषि उत्पादों के विपणन पर अध्यायों पर बल

    अनुसूचित जाति, अनुसूचित जनजाति और अन्य पिछड़ा वर्ग हेतु सरकारी योजनाओं का विशेष विश्लेषण

  • A Brief History Of Modern India Book by Spectrum English Medium

    The advent of the Portuguese – The first Europeans to land in India who managed to carve out enclaves of power – showed up the chaotic situation in this vast land. The mighty Mughals were yet to build their empire but they never quite gained mastery over the seas; on the other land, the colonial empires were built on the strength of the naval power of their home countries.

  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania

    About the book This book offers comprehensive and latest information covering the broad field of knowledge on Indian art, paintings, music, and architecture for the aspirants of Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations. Apart from two new chapters and one appendix, the chapters have been enriched with details to make it more focused and comprehensive. There are questions at the end of each chapter which will help students prepare for the examinations.

    Salient Features:-

    1. All new four colour edition

    2. Comprehensive 4 sections: Visual arts, Performing arts, Culture of India and Appendices

    3. New chapters on a. Buddhism and Jainism b. India through the eyes of foreign travelers

    4. New appendix on Current affairs related to Indian Art and Culture

    5. Videos related to the chapters available through QR codes

    6. Key word in every chapter highlighted in colour

    7. Updated Previous Year Questions and Answers of UPSC Preliminary and Main Examination

  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh English Medium

    1. Revamped introductory chapter with latest national income estimates
    2. Substantially revised chapters on Inflation, Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure and Services with new issues added
    3. Economic Impact of COVID-19 and the measures of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan have been included in relevant chapters for better understanding
    4. Revised and updated chapters on Development Economics, Economic Reforms, Human Development in India along with incorporation of latest Human Development Report 2019
    5. Student-friendly features like Glossary of relevant terms and Multiple-Choice Questions together with Model Answers have been updated and revised based on the relevant burning issues and the latest changes

  • Bhartiya Arthvyavastha by Ramesh Singh

    1. Introduction
    2. Growth, Development and Happiness
    3. Evolution of the Indian Economy
    4. Economic Planning
    5. Planning in India
    6. Economic Reforms
    7. Inflation and Business cycle
    8. Agriculture and Food Management
    9. Industry and Infrastructure
    10. Services Sector
    11. Indian Financial Market
    12. Banking in India
    13. Insurance in India
    14. Security Market in India
    15. External Sectors in India
    16. International Economic Organizations and India
    17. Tax structure in India
    18. Public Finance in India
    19. Sustainability and Climate Change: India and World
    20. Human Development in India
    21. Burning Socio-Economic Issues
    21      Selected MCQ’s

  • Certificate physical and human geography By Goh Cheng Leong

    About the Author

    Professor Goh Cheng Leong is a well known Geographer who has written many books on the subject.

    Be it climate change, types of natural vegetation, mountain chains, desserts, climatic patterns, glaciers, minerals or other natural phenomenon, Certificate Physical and Human Geography is a natural companion book to know and learn from.

    Elementary details of most topics that comprise of physical and human geography have been covered in an easy to understand language, with many photographs, illustrations and maps offering detailed explanation, wherever required.

  • Environment By Shankar 7th Edition

    The language of the book is simple and the content is engaging which ensures students face no trouble during studying. Plus the distinctive designing makes it easy to navigate and read. This bestseller book has sold over 30, 000 copies and is widely read by students. A team of highly experienced writers from Shankar IAS Academy have written this book and hence it is accurate and reliable. The updated syllabus of UPSC focuses a lot on environment. The geography Paper of the Civil Service Examination includes topics on environment and hence it is important for students to have thorough understanding of this topic. ASIN : B07KF7H5JS
    Publisher : Shankar IAS Academy; 2020th edition
    Language : English
    Paperback : 364 pages
    Item Weight : 560 g
    Dimensions : 20 x 14 x 4 cm
    Net Quantity : 1.00 Unit